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Stitch Triverse - TV Poster by Haisai-DBarenzu Stitch Triverse - TV Poster :iconhaisai-dbarenzu:Haisai-DBarenzu 61 37
Taismo 3: Darkest Night - Epilogue: Go Gentle
It was a dark and rainy evening. Thunder crashed across the Mystic Ruins as the wind howled, beating against the sides of Tails' house fiercely. Inside, the young fox crossed the threshold between his kitchen and living room, a sealed bag of bluish-green fluid in his right hand. Dark circles outlined the fox's bloodshot eyes. It had been nearly two weeks since Cosmo's rescue from the clutches of Xemus, and in that time, Tails had been unable to catch any sort of restful sleep. How could he? His entire life has come to a screeching halt, his only concern being the care of his ailing fiance.
Pacing up the stairs, the fox entered the master bedroom, looking over to their shared bed. The fox was startled to find Cosmo shivering violently, gasping as she stared up at the ceiling. Jogging to her side, the fox set the bag down on her night stand, taking her hand tightly. The Seedrian quickly began to calm down, although retaining her catatonic-like state. Miles sighed forlornly, leaning down
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 7 27
Mature content
TCDN Ch. 22: What Happens Now? :iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 5 48
Mature content
TCDN Ch. 21: The Death of Innocence :iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 7 47
TCDN Ch. 20: Light in the Darkness
A thundering crash rang across the bridge as Tails’ body struck one of the metal bulkheads of the Darkship's massive bridge. Collapsing to the floor, the kitsune’s ears buzzed, barely clinging to consciousness as his vision faded in and out of twilight. A searing pain seized him. Lightning coursed from Xemus' clawed fingertips into Tails' body, causing him to writhe and convulse in agony. Crying out, he hoping that the dark entity would grant him some reprieve. He was issued no such mercy, however, as his fur began to char and burn.
Just as quickly as the torture began, it suddenly ceased. Too weak to lift his body, the fox lay motionless on the cold floor, shifting his gaze to look up at Xemus. With every iota of strength he could muster, the fox reached out with his hand, dragging himself across the ground to try and reach Cosmo. Xemus only watched, a snort escaping from behind his mask as he found himself amused by this pathetic and very much fruitless attempt.
"How char
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 7 23
TCDN Ch. 19: Terror of the Night
Ducking into what appeared to be a small maintenance corridor, Team Sonic and Team Dark continued to flee from the pursuing acolytes. Screeches throughout the ship alerted them to more incoming monstrosities, likely drawn by the wails of the others. Continuing to lay down suppressing fire, Omega slowed the acolytes’ pursuit, while Jaran hurriedly ushered the party into the corridor.
"Don't stop!" Shouted the sage, waving them in one by one, "Keep moving!"
"Additional enemies inbound!" Warned Omega, his cannons blazing as he shredded into the four corpse-like beings currently pursuing them, "Approaching from forward junction!"
Nanoseconds after Omega had issued his warning, another horde leaped from the crossroads ahead, their red blades raised as they lunged at Kai. Without slowing, the sage slid forward on his heels, holding his weapon to the side as he cleaved the creatures cleanly at the knees, sending them sprawling to the floor. Running past, the group entered what appeared
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 5 21
TCDN Ch. 18: In the Belly of the Beast
Silently, Team Sonic and Team Dark slinked through the bowls of the Darkship, their gazes shifting nervously at every creek and groan which the hull made. As they weaved their way through the halls, it began to feel as though they were being led in circles. Where one corridor stopped, another began. It seemed as if they would never reach the bridge, where Xemus was certainly waiting for them. This was especially concerning for Tails, who could only imagine what horrors his love was being subjected to by that monstrous shade of dark power…
"This ship goes on forever," murmured the fox cub, "how far to the bridge?"
"I told you, the ship's layout shifts," Jaran answered, keeping his voice low as he peered around a corner, "we're somewhere in lower engineering behind the hyperdrive assembly, but I don't know exactly where…"
"How are we supposed to get there if you don't know where we're headed?" Demanded Knuckles impertinently, "I thought you had this planned out!"
"I'm followi
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 7 21
TCDN Ch. 17: Into Darkness
What should have taken an hour, Team Sonic did in twenty minutes. While Sonic, Knuckles and Amy gathered the Chaos Emeralds, Tails was busy fueling his recently completed X Tornado, Mk. II. During this time, Jaran had summoned his own fighter to the fox's hangar, performing a few quick modifications as the group prepared themselves. Strangely, the Ultimate Life Form was not present, having left the group on grounds of needing to gather some things of his own before departing. In no time, the group had reconvened in the hangar, save Shadow, who had yet to show...
"The Mark Two is ready!" Tails informed, leaping down from the top of the plane and jogging over to the others, "Where's Shadow?"
"I don't know," Jaran murmured, glancing at the lift doors, "but he had better hurry. Do you have the Chaos Emeralds?"
"All except Shadow's," Sonic replied, tossing his Cyan Emerald up and down I his hand, "I radioed him--he should be bringing it."
"The guy better hurry!" Barked Knuckles impatiently,
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 6 20
TCDN Ch. 16: Dying Light
"COSMO!!" Cried the young fox, staring in horror at the repulsive beast who clutched his lover's limp body to its chest. The creature snapped its head in the direction of the fox, an agitated hiss escaping the foul pit of its stomach as it backed towards the window. With a swift gesture of its boney hand, it splintered the back wall with its mental power, ripping it from the house and hurling it telekinetically at the fox.
In a deft move, Jaran leapt into the path of the oncoming debris, shrouding the two of them in a cocoon of psychic power. The wall struck with a massive bang, crumbling against the sentinel's Force barrier harmlessly. Taking advantage of their disorientation, the assailant leapt from the empty space where the wall had once been, fleeing into the wooded area beyond the house.
"It's getting away!" Yelled Tails, revving his namesakes as he prepared to give chase.
"I'll go!" Jaran shouted, taking a running start, "Rally the others and follow me, quickly!"
The sentinel ga
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 9 50
TCDN Ch. 15: The Devil in the Details
It was three in the morning when Jaran Kai knocked at the door of the Prower household, carrying with him a dreadful sense of anxiety. "He is awake..." The sentinel said to Tails, who had greeted him at the door tiredly. Immediately, the fox had scrambled to gather together the group, interrupting their sleep and summoning them to the parked Egg Carrier. Despite their immense fatigue, the heroes responded posthaste, arriving in the medical bay of the mighty airship within less than thirty minutes of the notice. Resting upon the same cot he had occupied for many weeks was the thin, graying Doctor Robotnik. Much to the surprise of Team Sonic, his eyes were wide open. More so, he was lucid enough to speak. Observing each member of the Freedom Fighters as they entered the room, the Eggman cracked a wry smile, his voice dry as he spoke.
"I never thought—it would be all of you—standing over me in my time of need..." The scientist chuckled, coughing on his words, "I could not
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 10 42
TCDN Ch. 14: The Plot Develops
"Who the hell are you?" Demanded Jaran Kai, as he stood on the doorstep of the home of Vanilla the Rabbit, facing off a strange brown hare who had answered the door instead of the female rabbit. Startled by the sight of a human being at Vanilla's door, it took a moment for the male rabbit to gather his thoughts.
"I'm Rob…" He replied, looking the man up and down warily, "Can I ask who you are?"
"Jaran Kai," spoke the sage shortly, looking over the hare's shoulder into the house behind him, "is Vanilla in?"
"She's occupied," Robert answered hesitantly, "you'll have to come back later--"
"Get out of my way!" Ordered Jaran impertinently, shoving aside the hare as he forced his way into the house, "Vanilla, I need to talk to you!"
The sage was answered by a sudden thud originating from the back of the house. Hobbling out of the hallway appeared Vanilla the Rabbit, clad in a baby blue bathrobe with a hairbrush gripped in her right hand. By the expression on her face, it could be assum
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 8 28
TCDN Ch.13: Lost in the Mind
A solitary man stood in the center of a featureless white room, garbed in a red jumpsuit and bearing a familiar orange handlebar mustache. Severely disoriented, his eyes darted rapidly around the room. How he had come to be here he did not know. All he knew was that within this place, he was utterly and totally alone...
"Hello?" Eggman called into the empty space, his only reply being his own voice resonating off of the blank walls, which gradually began to amplify until it filled all of his senses. "Stop--stop--STOP!!" He cried in agony, clutching at his ears. All at once, his voice ceased its torments, and everything became eerily silent. It was then that he felt the odd sensation of no longer being by himself...
"What's wrong, Julian?" Came an all too familiar voice, its sickly tones laced with malice, "Do you not like what I have created for you, here in this place?"
"YOU!" Eggman barked back, spinning in a circle to try and catch a glimpse of Xemus. In spite of this, he could not
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 6 34
TCDN Ch. 12: Certain Uncertainties
"I don't know, Jaran! I just don't know!" Vanilla cried despairingly as she sat rigidly in her recliner, shaking profusely, "I've never felt anything like it! It was more than the house going dark or the air getting chilly! I was terrified! More than I should have been over something like that! It was like something was pushing those fears into my mind! I don't know how or why, but I know it was him!"
The sentinel sat quietly on the love seat near her, hunched over with his hands folded contemplatively. His silence did little for the mother doe's anxiety.
"You don't believe me?" She asked excitably, fidgeting with the fabric of her dress.
"No, I believe you," the sentinel nodded, his eyes darting back to Vanilla, "his presence is pretty distinctive. Even non-sensitive individuals can feel him..."
"The way you described him before--he's more of a ghost, yes? He can't physically harm you?"
"Of course he can!" Corrected Jaran, standing and pacing the room as he frequently did while ponder
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 7 36
TCDN Ch. 11: To Save the Eggman
“Cosmo, get back inside, now!” Shouted Tails over the deafening roar of the Egg Carrier's massive engines. No sooner had Vanilla and Amy reached the end of Tails' walkway than they came sprinting back, seeking refuge with the kitsune and his Seedrian companion.
“The heck!?” Cried Amy above the airship's loud report, "Where did Eggman come from!?”
“I think that's a question for another time, Amy!” Vanilla raised her voice, urging the three adolescents into the apparent safety of Tails' house. Once inside, Tails bolted the door firmly, pacing quickly toward the kitchen while urging the others to follow.
“Cosmo!” He spoke to his fiancé urgently, “Use the emergency entrance in the kitchen and get Amy and Miss Vanilla into my lab!”
“But—where are you going!?” She demanded worriedly.
“To hold him off, if I can,” the fox answered, trying to pull away, “at least until Sonic and the others
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 10 56
TCDN Ch. 10: Bliss
A new morning heralded for the young, bi-tailed kitsune as he rose from his bed to greet the day—having beaten the sun in rising as the dawn had yet to break. Despite having not slept, he was nevertheless filled with a boundless energy. His entire night had been spent peering through the darkness, gazing upon the face of his floral beauty in the bed next to him, filling him with overwhelming zeal. It was this energy that spurred him to begin his morning early, pushing him out of bed and down the stairs into the kitchen. Empowered by the events of the previous night, life's possibilities seemed infinite to the young fox and he desired to accomplish them all, as soon as he had eaten breakfast.
Rummaging through his cabinets, the fox removed several pans along with a small bowl. This morning's dish of choice was french toast, another local favorite Cosmo had yet to sample. Anxious to have her near he almost considered waking her, but thought better of it. Instead he decided to allow
:iconficdoctorphd:FicDoctorPHD 11 38
Saber by wlop Saber :iconwlop:wlop 21,527 782



  • Listening to: ENOZ - Lost My Music
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Yep, tagged. I don't get tagged often, thankfully, but I guess they're welcome from time to time. I used to avoid them like the plague, but I've sorta relaxed about them by now - just as long as they're a manageable length or interesting. For example, I "stole" a movie-themed one from justsomenut626 a few weeks back ;)

Anyway, on with the tagging - brought to you by :icontaraforest:!

1. You must posts these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the persons you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
So, without further ado:

Ten MeshWeaver Facts!

- I'm Canadian, from the Montreal area.
- Follow-up to #1, I speak both French and English. Always have :XD:
- I love sci-fi & fantasy
- Uh...I have brown hair? (normally. right now it's more red-ish. long story)
- My music playlists are being overrun by Jpop/Jrock/Jwhatever (and I can't speak or understand Japanese other than a couple of specific words).
- I also suck at knowing which music style is which, as well as remembering musicians' names. Yeah, I'm not very musically minded.
- Ever since I started modelling objects in 3D using Blender, I now tend to see topology overlays on anything and everything.
- There's this ring that I wear on my thumb from time to time, and it's actually part of a computer's hard disk. Or at least, it was at the time.
- Bugs kinda creep me out, but I also find them kinda interesting... just not when they're flying or moving :fear:
- One of my pet peeves is elitism :|

Well, that one's out of the way, now to answer taraforest's questions:

1) Your favourite art style?

Hmm...I'd like to say none in particular, but the fact is I absolutely love the anime/manga style.  I'd say that's the one I've been looking at the most recently, and thankfully there are some really stunning pieces around DA.

2) How's your week been?

It's Monday ;)

3) What are you watching at the moment?

As in shows?  Well, I'm always watching several in parallel, but I'll answer with the current anime I'm watching - Trinity Blood. Thanks Haisai-DBarenzu for recommending it!

4) Dogs or Cats?

Hmm...cats :nod:

5) What's your goal for the future?

Well...I'd love to be an education-content creator, really.  Much like the awesome Jonathan Williamson*, in fact he's my biggest inspiration when it comes to 3D

* fellow blenderhead & 3D modeller, and the main contributor to education website BlenderCookie. Also a pretty cool guy :)

6) You can go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Easy! England, definitely! :D

7) Your favourite website?, hands down. Lots of cool people, great artwork, awesome (and sometimes intense) discussions about new features being added to Blender. It's been my favourite for 3-4 years now.  Second favourite would be...BlenderCookie, I think.

8) Last film you saw in the cinema?

Star Trek - Into Darkness. Loved it!  Planning on seeing Pacific Rim too.

9) What do you do on deviantArt?

Are you questioning my right to be here? :paranoid:
More seriously, I generally spend my time either chatting with awesome people or looking at awesome stuff.  I actually started out here because of a blenderhead I used to chat with, I was using Flickr at the time for my 3D renders.

10) Least favourite colour?

I'd have to say yellow.  Not because I find it's an ugly colour or anything, it's just so hard a colour to get right and not have it scream "YEEEEELLLLOOOOOWWWW" in your face :lmao:

Time to tag!

:iconjustsomenut626: :iconnefariousfox: :iconparagonofvirtue: :iconhaisai-dbarenzu: :icontoyonda: :iconxxittlesxx: :iconmylafox: :iconficdoctorphd:

...and I've run out of people ^^; 8 will have to do.

And now for my own 10 questions:

1) If you could learn a second (or third, or whatever) language, which would it be?
2) 42 (Jeopardy-style question!)
3) Favourite piece of software?
4) Cycling VS Ice Skating?
5) Any thoughts on Vocaloids?
6) What's your greatest source of inspiration, as an artist? (3D, 2D, literary, musical, etc.)
7) What's your biggest gripe and/or favourite feature of the OS you use?
8) If you could choose a movie to have re-run in theaters, what would it be?
9) Should NASA and other space agencies focus on Mars, or building a base on the moon first? Opinions?  (IMO, the moon first, but I'm not really allowed to answer my own questions ;))
10) Any pet-peeves worth mentioning?

:phew: That took me longer than I I'm off to deal with the 20+ images sitting in a separate Chrome window, waiting to be faved and commented on :salute:


Philippe M. "MeshWeaver"
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I've been a geek for as long as I can remember - also been a Blender-head for 4 years now, and I love it :D Modelling's my main strength, but ideally I'd like to be a "generalist", as they say.

My other links: - Blog; - Vimeo;… - YouTube;… - Facebook; - Twitter

My desktop's specs:
Quad-core Intel i5-2320 @ 3.0Ghz, 6GB of RAM, EVGA/nVidia GeForce GTX560 Ti SC, 1TB HDD, plus a Samsung 23" LED and 20" LCD Acer monitors. Running Linux Mint 13 (with MATE) and occasionally Windows 7 as well.

My laptop's specs:
Intel Core2 Duo (aka dual-core) @ 1.8Ghz, 4GB of RAM, a crappy Intel 965 Express Chipset GPU, 180GB HDD. Running primarily Linux Mint 13 (with Cinnamon) and sometimes Windows Vista.


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Haven't heard from you in like, more than 2 weeks now, no comment from you tagging me, no replies, nothing.....

MeshWeaver Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, everything's a-okay! I just haven't been on for a bit, fell out of sync with my DA rhythm or something :lol: I tend to do that, whether it's BlenderArtists, DA, or Twitter (or my blog for that matter), I go through little phases where I just don't spend much time there.
I'll be back very shortly though! Probably later today, even - I have over 2200 images in my inbox to deal with ;)
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Hi again! :wave: Does tagging the sender count? ;P

Also, on a random side note, I've taken to re-watching Death Note :greetings: in Italian :dummy:
L molto difficile di capire :O parla troppo rapido :faint:
MeshWeaver Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eerrr...I don't think that usually counts, no, but your questions are interesting so I'll do a quick one to reply to them ;) LOL

L molto difficile di capire :O parla troppo rapido :faint:

Uh... "It's very difficult to understand, because they talk too fast?"
There are slight similarities to French, so I *think* I was able to figure that one out without resorting to GTranslate :XD:

Glad to see you around again, been wondering where you'd gone to ;)
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